Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Rosies and Speaking and TV, Oh May!. . . er . . .Oh My!

May was a really busy month for GranFran and me -- here's what we were up to!

First, we were on the Talk of Alabama show
on our local ABC 33/40 station
to publicize the upcoming Rosie Rally
at the Southern Museum of Flight.
Here is the link if you want to see the segment
with Nicole Allshouse.

Then we had a ball with students at Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic School
in Birmingham as part of their Ultimate Authors Day.
What awesome students we met! Many thanks to
Cindy Westbrook, the teacher who coordinated the day,
and all the others who made us feel so welcome!

There was an interview of GranFran and two other Birmingham Rosies
to be included in a video for the Southern Museum of Flight's
Mary Alice Beatty Scholarship for women in aviation technology.

And then came the day of the actual Rosie Rally at the Southern Museum of Flight!
What an extraordinary day!!! Six Rosies from our Birmingham Chapter
of the American Rosie the Riveter Association,
plus another Rosie from Georgia, sat on a panel and answered questions.
And were they a hit!

Here's our whole group of Rosies, Rosebuds, and Rivets
from the Birmingham Chapter who were on hand
for the Rosie Rally. We were only a part of more than 650 people--including lots
of children and teens, how about that!--who were there for the many activities of this fun day.
A major highlight was seeing the "Fifi," one of only twoB-29 bombers still flying.
B-29's were made in Birmingham during WW II.

And when Elizabeth Grady, the museum's coordinator for the event, found out
that GranFran's 94th birthday was on the Rosie Rally day --well, next thing you know,
there was a ginormous birthday cake and cupcakes and party hats and horns!
What a special birthday! Many thanks, Liz!
Click here to see our local ABC 33/40 station's coverage of the event.

Isn't this a fun picture from the day --
GranFran and I are with the very talented Louise Barbour (left),
our favorite illustrator who drew the wonderful illustrations
for R is for Rosie the Riveter.
Note that she is holding her "left-handed wrench!"
(If you don't know what that is, see the "L" page in R is for Rosie!)

But May wasn't over yet! We so enjoyed speaking to the Senior Adult group
at Shades Crest Baptist Church in Birmingham.
Many thanks to Senior Adult Pastor Mark Johnson for inviting us.
We reconnected with many old friends, including Dr. Sigurd Bryan,
long-time Professor of Religion at Samford University,
and his lovely wife, Sara.
We topped off May with a tremendous honor for GranFran -
She was selected to receive a national "Women in American History" Award
from the Daughters of the American Revolution.
Here she is pictured with Susan Moore (left), Chapter Regent for
Birmingham's Lily of the Cahaba DAR Chapter,
who nominated GranFran for the award, and LeeAnn Metzger, who coordinated
the celebration at Brookdale Village, where GranFran lives.
The celebration was a part of Brookdale's gala Memorial Day event
for all their residents.
What a perfect way to end the month of May!

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